About WebLyrical

WebLyrical has been exclusively brought to the UK market by an organisation with voice technology at their very core and over 50 years of combined contact centre technology experience.  Developed by LikeBillions and delivered by FCP Technologies, the team behind WebLyrical can offer a complete delivery service for your organisation.

Our  Operational team will work with you to understand how your business operates and advise how the Web Voice Synchronisation (WVS) solution can provide the most benefit to you.  Our Development team will provide your web designers with the necessary plug-ins and code customised to your needs and requirements so that WVS can be made operational on your site. Our Telephony team will then work with your technology or voice engineers to implement the WVS solution into your existing PBX to ensure you fully benefit from WebLyrical.

Our team of contact centre technology specialists can help you deploy the cloud based WebLyrical platform and start maximising customer contacts and revenue right away.